Friday, May 8, 2015

University life

Finally, is like finally I have done with my finals. Its kinda suffering I can say, due to I only sat for three papers but dragged me for about 3 weeks to finish up that three papers. One week one paper. Oh lord. It has been ages since I last updated my blog. The first post in 2015. How fast the time flies?! I couldn't believed that its mid-year now. What have I done for the past 5 months? Okay, I started my last semester past 4 months ago and I was really really busy with my Final Year Project (FYP), midterms, and assignments. It was like a HELL months for me. The only thing we did were staying in our own room to finish up tons of works. I just couldn't believe that all this has passed in a blink of eye. TIME FLIES. Not forgetting about the happ things that happened during the past few months. It's our very first time went to club together #islikefinally. Two times in a months. The bitter sweet time spending together with them will always be remembered.

What have I learnt,experienced and gained during the past 4 years :

  1. Leaving house for the first time and stayed alone without kakak and mummy's homecook dinner (although my house is superb near to my University)
  2. Swept floor for the very first time
  3. How to skip class and late to class everyday without any guilt
  4. Have few gangs of friends that I really enjoy spending time with them (and I really feel blessed about it)
  5. Stayed up till 5am or 6am and I used to it till I feel its really weird to sleep at 10pm or even 12am
  6. No breakfast. Eat lunch during dinner hour and dinner during supper time
  7. Once entered into University, no more travelling overseas with family due to our holiday period is different 
  8. Last minute work is way more productive to me (Idk why?)
  9. Hate it when comes to dinner time as we need to decide where to have our dinner
  10. Setting alarm and waking up without kakak help on first day of Foundation
  11. K session, beer night, movie night, yumcha have become our needs.
  12. Learnt vulgar words in different languages. 
Seems like all the things I learnt are not a good thing HAHAHA. Overall, I really enjoyed and blessed that I have found bunch of good friends that act like my family member instead of friends. Not forgetting, thank you daddy and mummy 's help during this 4 years. Whenever I faced problem, they will rush to my hostel from hometown and settled it. Even, visited us whenever they free or when we said we missed them. Thank you for the motivation, whenever I am stressed up for finals. Billion thank you to my friends who helped me alot when I faced problem and listened to my crap when I am not in a good mood. Thank you so much for the memories (either bad or good one).

-Degree mates-

-FYP mates-

-2395 homies-

-Foundation mates-

-Intern mates-

-Korea mates-


Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas eve 24/12/14

Yoohoo I had a great great Christmas eve countdown night with a bunch of awesome peeps ! I swear it was an amazing night and I did enjoyed it for the whole night. This is not the first time partying together. Although we knew each other only for 3 months but we can played like a crazy people with no image in front of each together. I am so blessed that I had worked in this company for my internship to know all of them :D

We had celebrated our Christmas eve at Brick&Barrels Ipoh. I was quite disappointed with the live band that night. The songs that they played that night not really nice :(  but we successfully made the night HAPPENING ! :) We ordered 7 tower of beers that night . I drink alot like seriously for this past few weeks #igonnastopdrinkingandpartyingsoon. 

Thank you once again to them for the advance birthday celebration ! Thank you B&B live band for singing me birthday song ! It was a great great night indeed. Hehehe. Took lots of photos during that night and I think most of them are drunk including me. Thank you for the wonderful 3 months of internship !

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

IPOH one day trip :D

It has been awhile since I updated my blog and finally I am backkk :P I did have many things to blog but I do not have the time and the most important thing, I do not have the #mood. What am I doing currently ? Hekhek. I am so-called "intern-ing' :P The superb flexible working hours that I do not need to go to office. What I need to do is staying at home and make calls and appointment with customers. So, I am here #kamparcoffeeshop :D Hehe. Lets stop bullshit-ing and start the main topic here which is "IPOH ONE DAY TRIP w/ HOMIES"

A great date #121314 with great peoples #Jun&M. Like seriously, the whole day from 12pm to 12am. At first, I really cracked my head to think where to go as Ipoh has nothing much to play. The only thing we can do in Ipoh is to eat for the whole day. So we start off the day with superb boring activities. The first stop that we went was #IpohParade. Walk around for 1 hour plus I think. I normally don't go there because I prefer Aeon more. After wasting our time, here starts our awesome activities. Haha :D

The second stop we went was #FunnyMountainTaufufah. A very famous Ipoh food Tau Fu Fah. Seriously, is a must to try ! The queue shock us so we decided to have it in our car. Super nice super delicious. I will have it every time I passed by there. The taste was superb and the price is reasonable. (49 Jalan Theatre, 30300 Ipoh perak).

The third stop we went was #NamHeong which is located in oldtown Ipoh. We went there to have Ipoh famous White Coffee, the original one, Ipoh famous Char Kuey Tiaw, and Ipoh Famous Egg Tart. The white coffee is no jokes. Superb. Hahaha. I normally went there to take away their egg tart because the restaurant is too small and very packed, but we are very lucky that we found place to sit (2, Jalan Bandar Timah, Ipoh 30000)

The forth stop #TheanChun which located beside Plan B. Is all about food. Haha 3 stops continuously. We went there to have Ipoh famous caramel custard "Dun dan" Not everyone can accept the taste like Jun. haha he doesn't like the taste but I personally like it so much. For me, is also a must to try this in Ipoh. A lil bit too sweet but overall the taste is awesome (73, Jalan Bandar Timah, 31650 Ipoh)

The fifth stop #IpohMuralArtLane which located at oldtown Ipoh. We are just too full to keep eat for the whole day so we started our taking picture activities. We visited all mural art in Ipoh like seriously. We stop by every stations just to take pictures. Hahaha. Too many. Like seriously, this is my first time been there. A memorable one I guessed. Now, I am a professional Ipoh tour guide as I know all the places now, Thanks to them. Haha.

The sixth stop #SkyLoungeIpoh located above MH Hotel. After few hours exploring mural art, is time for chilling. It is my first time been there too. A very failed Ipoh lang i guessed, too many first time. hahaha A very great place to chill. If the weather is cold and windy, one word to describe, perfect. Ofcourse, you need an awesome camera. Luckily, Jun brought his Sony camera, and captured superb nice photos. The effect is just too awesome ! The price is reasonable for me. (Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah, 31400 Ipoh) 

The seventh stop #KintaRiverWalk. Okay again, its my first time been there too. So failed right. hahaha. What's so special there? Okay, the lightning there not bad. Quite attractive. haha and there is a bridge where people called it "qing ren qiao" for those couples? haha Not only that, there is number of food stalls there and bicycle rental shop. Many peoples rent bicycle and cycle there. The bicycles there are very special. so many different kind of bicycles. Some for one people, two people three people or even for family. How great. We planned to rent a '3 peoples' bicycle but the queue is toooo long. So we just walk around and take photos.

The last stop #SecretGarden. Its around 11pm i think and we are craving for dessert. Hehhh :P So we went to tongsuikai which located behind Sam Tet but the peoples there are no jokessss. Crowded because its saturday night ! So we change our plan to cafe, and yeah we went to secret garden which located besides Ben&Lynette. They ordered a very heavy dessert "6-inch Burger" hahaha. Their so-called dessert (Jalan Cheah Cheang Lim, 30350 Ipoh perak)

A great one day trip :D


Sunday, October 26, 2014

I miss you mummy, IMY!

Its been a month plus that you are not here :( I miss you. I miss you like seriously. I used to like night time, but NOT NOW. I think I am going to have depression soon, real soon :( I am a person who do not really know how to express myself so this is the only way I can express my feeling by blogging. The other reason is I do not want to affect others people feeling too. I cannot show it in front of daddy and sister because I know they face the same problem too especially daddy. I don't know that it is actually really hard to accept that mummy has passed away. Until now, I still........ cannot accept it. I hope that what happen during the funeral can get out of my mind. I get tired of thinking it over and over again. I used to call "mummy" for over 10 times in a day, but not now. I hate myself so much because I cannot stop myself from crying whenever I think of you together with stress-ness I am facing. Who can I share with? The only one I can tell everything without keeping secret is YOU. Is you mummy :'( I thought I can handle it, but I can't. I look okay but am I really OK? I hope I can stay strong and won't collapse one day.

How are you,mummy? I miss you. I wanted to talk to you. Can I ?

Monday, August 4, 2014

Potpourri Cafe 29/7

A date with my suipo last Tuesday. Obviously, is a #throwback post again. I really need to wait for my right mood to come to update my blog. Laziness strikes !
Okay, found a very nice cafe, POTPOURRI HOUSE CAFE in Ipoh, :D Recommended suipo this cafe because I know she will like it very much. Errrr how to say...... this cafe suits her well. What I mean was the princess-ly interior design, pink and white colour, flower and decorations. YESSSS, she did like it very much ! Hehehe. Okay, I would rate 5 stars for this cafe with their very friendly workers, good services, cozy environment, delicious food and average price. Before we went there, I asked my friend to make reservation because we worried full house since it is raya holiday, so my friend pm-ed through facebook. Guess what ? They replied within few minutes! Awesome right?
We reached there around 1pm exactly the time we book. A young boy came out and welcomed us to go in. Nice right? Superb friendly. They reserved a very nice place for us with a huge bear. Hahaha. Suipo brought her camera and monopod because we knew we will take lots of photos that day.

So lets picture says everything :D

Address : No 2, Jalan Woodward Ipoh, Perak (Near heritage hotel )