Friday, March 28, 2014

Let bygone be bygone :)

Hello Bellooooo ! Is like im finally back to blog. So so so long didnt blog already. Kinda miss blogging :( Finally, I have some free time at night for my ownself doing what I want. Missing old times when I can listen to songs, being ''emotional'' and blog. Hahaha been emo for so long and I don't know why. Although I don't have time to express it on blog, but somehow I expressed it in my Dayre. Luckily, there's an apps where I can expressed all my feeling at night. Thank you for sharing my emo-ness. So fast, time passed real fast ! Its end of march now :( What have I did in this 3 months? Emo? I guessed so. I think I have to do something, something for myself. I feel like Im wasting my precious time doing nothing, being so useless recently D: What I did everyday was studying, stressing, assignment-ing  and emo-ing. What's the purpose of doing all this? Life isn't all about studies. I believe in one word #YOLO. I should do what I want, I should do what I love, I should do what make me happy but not all these shits. Yea, study is important and I agree with it but life can be more meaningful by doing other things. NOW, now I really understand if we don't go for what we want or love, we will definitely regret to death.I swear ! Blaming myself for not chasing for what I really want! ''There's no use crying over split milk" I know ~! So what I can do now is by making my life more fun ! More interesting ! I want to live my own life ! Emo-ing  because of other people really wasted my time . I told myself million times.I don't want to think over and over again, but I have feeling too. Uncontrollable feeling. The thing I can do is look forward ! Past is past ! Let bygone be bygone ~ My aim now is to ENJOY MY LIFE. Travel travel and travel, shopping shopping and shopping, party party and party and find the right one ! Life is too fragile to think much ! What we want to do , we do now ! I thought I cant be alone, but actually I found it fun ! Ofcourse, with the companion of family or friends would be perfect.
I will try fight for what I want because I don't want to face losing of something I love again #thefeelingisawful. #Fightingva#YOLO#sparesometimetoemoisnotabadthing

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Bandung Trip :D

Belllooooo ! Im back. Heehee :D Okay, so fast the first week of Y2S3 has passed. I had a very awesome sembreak ! Is like I only stayed at home for 5 days maybe during the 20+ days of sembreak. Went to KL, Klang, Bandung and blabla. Had great birthday celebration with all the important peoples in my life. Thank you much much for the wishes, calls, texts, songs and outings. I know so many people wished me to find my Mr.right as fast as possible especially all my zimuis. Haha Chilllll, if he is yours, he will forever be. If he is not, he will never be. "I believe in Fate" Hehe  :D Okay. Really spend alot during sembreak. Huhu. Im officially declare bankrupt. :(

Went for a short trip with cousieee!! At first we planned to go Bangkok, but at the end we went to Bandung because Thailand is quite dangerous right now because of the protest. We chose Bandung because they said there have lots of factory outlets. You know, Girls being girls. ngekngek. So we went for 4 days 3 nights and we stayed at Vio Hotel at Jalan Cimanuk. Not bad . A very nice hotel with nice toilets. hehe. and yes we really spent alot, I mean we spent all of our money. I think we almost went to all the outlets there and there is no outlet that we came out without anything. How shopaholic my cousin is. Gosh. Ermmm. I think I had blogged bout Bandung trip in my dayre soooooo is like abit lazy to type out again. hehehe. Maybe post some picture will do .

Pictures :D

Monday, December 9, 2013

Emo-ness kills.

Is been long time since I last blogged about Korea trip few months ago. Actually I have no idea what to blog about but my emo-ness drives me here. Why emo? What made me emo? I dont know. Exam? Kakak back to Indonesia? I seriously dont know :( I seriously need someone to talk to. I seriously dont know how to express my feeling and this drives me crazyyyyy! Maybe recently I watched Korea drama "THE HEIRS" which have lots of sad scene made me think of something? SOMETHING PAST? I seriously need someone to slap me so that I can wake up from dream. Yea, maybe Im those typical girl who dream that there's perfect guy that exist in the world. Or maybe I am too stressed because I watch drama like a boss during final weeks? I just can't control myself from stop watching so I keep watching even though there's exam the next day. This seriously made me feel guilty. Haihhhh, maybe this could help a lil but there's something in my heart that I couldn't express it out. I DONT KNOW HOW. Emo-ness kills.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Annehaseyo Korea :)

Anneyohaseyoooooo ! Im back from great great Korea trip with awesome peoples. Actually it is a 12 days study tour to INJE UNIVERSITY, Korea. I've no idea how am I going to post this. I guessed this gonna be a superb long post and it needs few days to complete this ! At first, Im so worried whether this trip will be fun or not for me cause me alone joining this trip without knowing anyone. I can say that I never regret joining this trip and Im so thankful to god as giving me chance to join this trip and knew many friends that we never meet before in campus. It is also great chance for me to be one of student of INJE for 12 days. Millions "THANK YOU" to all people in this trip making the trip full of laughter, jokes and memorable !!!

12 days in Korea is just a blink of eyes. This trip ended very fast :( At first, is kinda difficult for me to adapt to the life there. Woke up very early everyday, breakfast everyday because I will never wake up early in Malaysia and I am very thankful as I met a very kind and pretty room mate that woke me up everyday. HAHA. Every morning we have the same schedule, woke up at 8am , which means Malaysia is at 7am, we have our breakfast in INJE cafeteria. Then we attended classes like Korea language class, Cooking class (learn how to cook bibimbap),Taekwando class, Korea movie and music class, Tea manner class, Culture class and also have chance to visit to historical places in Korea. Is great great experience for me because I had the chance to study in their classroom, lecture hall, library and studied with other countries students.

Besides studying, we also SHOP like no one else business. HAHAHA. The thing that I dislike is that the transportation expenses is very expensive there :( We spent quite alot for transportion as we need to go to Busan city for our Shopping spree ! HAHAHA. Yes almost everyday we went to Nampodong (city that full of shops, stalls, foods) Awesomeeee !! So many shops for cosmetics!! I spent half of my money for cosmetic ~ We almost spend our time on shopping everyday. We successfully finished all the korea won before back to Malaysia ! HAHAHA. We also visited places like Taejongdae ( famous tourist place ) . Korea is famous with LOTTE . We can see this word everywhere. 

Okay is time to talk about FOOD there !! Im so so so satisfied with the food there !!! I almost ate all the food that I plan to eat for long long time !! Millions thanks to Korea buddy and also china buddy that brought us to many famous shop for Korea famous food ~ Miss all the food there. We tried chicken galbi (something like Uncle Jaang) , Chicken ginseng soup ( chicken with rice inside) , pork ribs soup , bibimbap ( selfmade during cooking class) . We also went to restaurant that running man went beforeeee.. Woooohooooo !!! My dream come true. hahahaha.. For breakfast and dinner we usually ate in university. Normally they served rice everyday for breakfast and dinner. One thing I like is they we give fruit juice or fruit as our dessert. Haha. 

Lets talk about the PEOPLE there. Is really glad to meet with many international students there!! They are very helpful and kind. We knew some China, Denmark and also Korea friends there. They are just too friendly !!! They even bought us souvenir and treat us eat !!  Even in a bus, we still can make friend. hahaha. Altho we knew each other in bus, they are so kind because they guide us to the place that we want to go !! All the lecturers are so so so friendly !! I miss them so so much especially our international buddy ~~ THANK YOU :D . One more thing, Korea peoples do not laugh very loud. They normally dont like people make noise. So we also kena complaint many times because we laugh very loud or talk very loud. Huhu~

What about HOSTEL there? hehe . Is the very first time travel overseas without staying hotel. Is really a very good experience for me !! The hostel there is quite nice ~ Altho there is only small fan in room, we never feel hot at all. hahaha luckily the weather there is cool. Is changing to winter season there. At first I dont really like the toilet there, because I normally have own toilet in my room in Kampar. Im the person that very choosy to toilet. hahahahaha I dislike using public toilet. but after few days I started to adapt to it. HAHA. and the technology is way too awesome !! The dont use key ! They use code to enter to our room ! DAEBAK ! So overall , the hostel is yi ji banggg ! HEHE

So, overall  it is really a very GOOD experience for me as this is the first study tour that I joined. Million thanks to Mummy and daddy, and people who sponsored me for this trip ! HAHAHA and also le great crazy friendly noisy friends that make this trip awesome and memorable !! MISS U ALL DEEP DEEP !!!

Picture time !! Took 1000++ photos. Not goin to upload all so here's some of the photos !!

DENMARK friends :)
KOREA unnie :)

KOREA buddies :)
SRI LANKA friend :)
CHINA friend :)